10 Pictures to make you want to go to Ladakh

My love affair with Ladakh began way back in 2012 when I ventured out into this cold desert for the very first time. It is unbelievably remote in nature and makes you feel you so  so small, you have to be there to experience this feeling!
Ladakh falls under the state of Jammu & Kashmir in India and is of strategic importance to the country due to it’s location. Ladakh is the second largest district in India so you can imagine the number of hidden valleys and gems hidden amidst acres of mountains.
Have a look for yourself:


Doesn’t matter if you’re unable to take a road trip to Manali via the incredible Manali-Leh Highway but make sure to pick the window seat when you take a flight out for such beautiful views!


Driving through Leh(the largest town in Ladakh) and can not expect views any less than this.


The Indus river is one of the longest rivers in Asia that flows for 3,180 kms.


The confluence of the Zanskar river (from top) and the Indus (bottom flowing from left to right) is 3 km southeast of Nimmu village in Ladakh.


En route to Pangong Tso from Leh, atop Chang La Pass.


Feeding a friendly Long tailed marmot, a native of the Ladakh region in India.


The lake of glorious blues, Pangong Tso shared between Tibet and India.


Game of shadows and reflections!


You will probably find yourself awestruck with the various shades of blue you can spot in this lake!


A storm brewing over Thiksey Monastery in Leh.

Adding a few more pictures because I figured I can’t justify Ladakh’s beauty in 10 pictures!

You will find the fluffiest of dogs in Ladakh.


A nearby board says that the magnetic hill is a phenomenon that defies gravity. It asks you to park the car in a square marked on the road and switch the ignition off. It is nothing but an optical illusion; objects appear to be to roll “uphill” in defiance of gravity when they are, in fact, rolling downhill.


Pangong Lake is 134 km(83 mi) long.


Pangong Tso  can be reached in a five-hour drive from Leh, most of it on a rough and dramatic mountain road.


Go to Ladakh for the most peaceful, life changing journey of your life. Stay at a monastery or with the locals, drive around on a bike or in a taxi, strut along for kilometres in Nubra valley or camp under the stars, either way, you will relish a trip to Ladakh as one of your life’s milestones.



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